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Following the Rabbitars NFT project (1), Playboy has now revealed a digital Playboy Mansion (2), collaborating with The Sandbox (3). With NFTs integrated into the virtual environment in this metaverse social game.

Each of the Rabbitar NFTs was sold for $800 million. The good news for users who purchased these NFTs is that they enable privileged access for the owners of the virtual bunny avatars within the MetaMansion, offering them a unique experience.

This web-based offering will have gaming and social events and feature future NFT collectibles from Playboy (4). This iconic lifestyle brand has teamed up with The Sandbox, an NFT gaming platform, for the launching of their very own MetaMansion.

The Rabbitar NFT is currently down 74.25 percent to 0.19 ETH, or $206.A user spent $450,000 to simply be Snoop Dogg's neighbor in the sandbox-driven Snoopverse (5). The Sandbox also made it clear that users would be able to grab up neighboring NFT land plots as well. If any extraordinary neighbors suddenly appeared, the price would rise dramatically.

Playboy, the eternal symbol of charismatic charm, lifestyle, and entertainment, has been explored by mass generations with evergreen demand and is now ready to launch into the web3 with access to futuristic technology, providing a futuristic user experience for existing and new users, as this concept already sounds user-attractive.

Their first attempt was the NFTs, which released a series via Nifty giveaway and Playboy is ready to launch its metaverse, which is a connection to the NFTs launched previously and will undoubtedly hype the NFTs as it also obtains exclusive benefits of the MetaMansion.

Playboy Evolution

Playboy's development and creation have been seen by every age group, along with the generational trend. Although they struggled to keep the playboy publications a secret, the baby boomers of generation X are fully aware of this. The most well-liked plaything for the current generation is the millennial and the bunny sweater. And Gen Z is now in order.

Centerfold (6) was introduced with a unique service that allows producers to publish images, conduct live streams, interact with fans, post films, and also develop a community in a close relationship with Playboy. Big names like Cardi B (7), Gigi Goode (8), Amanda Cerny (9), and many others are attracted to this platform.

The 67-year-old legacy of Playboy’s print magazine from respected authors Ray Bradbury (10) and Margaret Atwood (11), who interviewed many huge identities, from Martin Luther King Jr. (12) to Steve Jobs (13), alongside their signature backgrounds.

Now it's all moving towards the tech buzz. Playboy has established a futuristic community and has started hiring web3 community managers and also establishing a discord channel for dropping NFT collections.

The biggest one so far has been the NFT collection Rabbitars, launched in 2021 with 11,953 bunnies. The cute sleepy fairy rabbit was sold for a whopping $47,000, while most of the bunnies had an average price of $800.

The Discord channel The Rabbit Hole (14) has 78,000+ members. Although Discord is a tough place for brands to obtain members, Playboy has more than one could expect. Although Centerfold was launched after Onlyfans (15) and Instagram had already taken over the traffic, the Playboy team believed that if the product was successful, the traffic could be switched.

The Centerfold community can shake the creator’s economy just as Playboy magazine shook the publishing world. Although Playboy Mansion has been every person's dream since the 1990s. With magazines as the only source of adult entertainment, this magazine gave out all it could for user satisfaction.

This MetaMansion on The Sandbox is said to be a similar but gen Z-oriented version for current and future generations to explore via the Playboy community. With multiple minigames, events, and collectibles, this MetaMansion has many more possibilities to explore.

Things to watch out for in the MetaMansion

The industry's advancement practices for establishing on the metaverse by multiple businesses and commercials have given rise to competition to provide the best user experience. The success of the metaverse for every company depends on the user experience and utility they are offering.

It's also claimed that this MetaMansion is much more exclusive than the Playboy Mansion made of the material. The products and games from the Playboy Metamansion should be avoided. Playboy has already achieved NFT sales, and titles like Rabbitar and Liquid Summer (16) are geared toward the Gen Z market.

Land sales will surely take a hike as multiple users and investors of the metaverse are just waiting for an established entity to purchase land and acquire the neighborhood to drive material world traffic and sales for the land. This has been the most obvious and proven investor strategy, which also pushes the limitations of land value.

Recognize that the value of land can fluctuate greatly if it is purchased next to a well-known celebrity who then sells it to an unidentified buyer. The value may initially increase, but if the proper remedies and marketing efforts are not taken, it may also decline over time.

Playboy is well known for its adult customers and adult content, but this endeavor is geared toward Gen Z. During the launch, it will be interesting to see how The Sandbox and Playboy will collaborate to manage the age groups. Playboy is recognized for its adult customers and adult content.

To draw in more young minds and allow them to explore the virtual world, the metaverse's users and evolving technologies are all Generation Z-based. The venerable Playboy brand will need to find a way to relate to the younger generation the same way they did in the past.

Even still, it could be worthwhile to check out the news segments Playboy MetaMansion has to offer, as new metaverse locales are attempting to provide the greatest possible user experience.

The competitive effort to stand out among the big establishments in the metaverse-based regions and the metaverse's bright future is worth watching, but the users only need to sit back and take it easy while more comfortable tech innovations are to be witnessed.

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