The world of NFTs has grasped the entire world; even supermodels can no longer resist its charm.

Recently supermodel Bella Hadid stepped into the metaverse and debuted her line of NFTs, based on 3D modeling pictures of her body.

Bella Hadid. - The metaverse supermodel

Bella Hadid

Isabella Khairiah Hadid was born and brought up in America; Hadid began her modeling career at sixteen. She was signed to IMG models in August 2014 and made her New York fashion week debut the following month. (1)

Over four years, Hadid has made twenty-seven appearances on international vogue magazine covers and is one of the most prominent supermodels of the era. (2)

Celebrities and NFTs

Celebrities all over the world have dipped their hand into the NFT business, like Snoop Dogg, who has invested more than $17 million in NFTs and also started his line of collections called “A journey with the Dogg” (3)

Snoop Dogg NFT 

Bella Hadid is no exception; she has debuted CY-B3LLA and NFTs based on scans of her face and body.

Unlike supermodels, who tend to show a lot of skin to get their NFTs to sell, Bella has taken a different approach.

Her NFTs have a futuristic theme and are classy yet attractive.


CY-B3LLA is a collection of 11,111 NFTs distributed throughout ten real-world areas that are used to create a body of work with distinctive "geo-based features."

From now until September, 1,111 NFTs will be made available in ten different nations, each with a distinctive style developed by regional artists, thus promoting the artist’s work internationally.

The first set of her NFTs got released in Japan, where the regional artists created her NFTs into cyborgs inspired by the manga art style, which is the traditional artistry of Japan.

There is also a twist to these NFTs as Bella has also decided to release some of her NFTs in mono-color to showcase the Artist’s linework and art style.

The artwork for the CY-B3LLA NFT was created from a 4K 3D scan of Bella Hadid. The model has contacted people on her contact list and artists from around the world to add some glitz to the endeavor.

Bella is being scanned for her NFTs

What will you get on purchasing a CY-B3LLA NFT?

You will not only get access to a 4D artwork of Bella Hadid but also be exclusively invited to events hosted by Bella across the multiverse.

Additionally, only owners of this NFT are permitted to attend the exclusive CY-B3R GALA, a virtual and actual event honoring the greatest in Web3 pop culture and fashion.

With the purchase of  CY-B3LLA NFT, one is allowed an exclusive look into Bella's life and a lifelong invitation to her metaverse events.

The artwork on the NFTs is spectacular, and this collection honors the artist's work is amazing; as far as celebrity NFT collections go, Bella’s CY-B3LLA might just end up doing well.

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