What are decentralized websites?

Decentralized websites are built on NFT domains and use blockchain and cryptography to store data on the decentralized network rather than a centralized server. They are also not subject to the same centralized rules and restrictions as centralized websites.

Blockchain technology is naturally decentralized and secure, ensuring no single person can ever control or access other users' information.

Various companies and individuals seeking sovereign workspace and operations have already started building decentralized websites on NFT domains. But can anyone host a decentralized website? Yes, let's find out how!

How to host a decentralized website on an NFT domain?

Here's a step-by-step guide to hosting a decentralized website on blockchain nodes utilizing a few Web3 technologies.

Step 1: Create a wallet

This may seem apparent, but we had to include it in the step-by-step guide because some of you are new here and reading about decentralized websites for the first time. You need a digital wallet to do anything on the decentralized web, and we'll use MetaMask today.

Step 2: Buy an NFT domain

Now, go to Quik.com quickly and search for the appropriate name to mint, then choose an extension from its extensive portfolio of top-tier genre-focused TLDs, then mint the Quik.com NFT domain with MetaMask and some ETH, validate the transaction, and you're done.

We needed a dot-web3 Web3 domain, so we went to Quik.com as we are hosting a Web3 website, but you may also try Unstoppable Domains with its extensive TLD collection.

Step 3: Code & store

As you can see, this stage is quite flexible based on your preferences. You can code your website with TailwindCSS, React, or whatever you like. You can use IPFS- The InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer network to store and publish your website file.

To do so, fragment the files into smaller parts and spread them around the network, but first, ensure the data are kept in multiple locations to boost their security and resilience.

Step 4: Connect the NFT domain to the website file

This is an important step in which you point your NFT domain to your IPFS-hosted website files. When you upload to IPFS, you will be given a URL; simply copy that link and use it to start Quik.com or Unstoppable Domains, or whatever name you came up with.

Go to the "manage" part of the dedicated domain name settings where you want to point your website and upload the IPFS link.

It will prompt the time required for processing the modifications; on Unstoppable Domains, it takes approximately 12-24 hours to confirm the aforementioned process-based transaction.

Step 5: Try & test before rest

Once the NFT domain is directed to the website's files, test and launch the website using a Web3-compatible browser to ensure that everything works as expected. If it isn't working as expected, tweak it and try again until satisfied.

Congrats on hosting a decentralized website on Web3 with an NFT domain!

Tips & tricks when building a decentralized website

Now that we've covered the fundamentals of hosting a decentralized website on Web3 let's get to the crux and uncover tips, tricks, and hidden facts.

Tip 1: Study Blockchain technology

You could think that this is the most basic thing to know. Everyone knows it, so why is it a tip? Blockchain is necessary, but learning blockchain is not for some, and if you want to uncover the best for your decentralized website, study blockchain technology.

Some may argue that blockchain is the underlying technology and that we are simply concerned with Web3 and want to follow the procedures outlined above to establish a website.

But, since blockchain technology is transparent and available to all, experimentation is also open, allowing you to explore new ways to advance your organization without constraints.

Trick 1: Integrate blockchain tool NFT domains by Quik.com based on the Ethereum blockchain to acquire a better experience as it comes with 100% ownership rather than converting the DNS name to a decentralized website or ENS, which comes with annoying renewals.

Tip 2: Target a global population

The decentralized web is not intended for a specific population or audience but can be targeted or directed globally. Create a website with a global audience in mind, which means utilizing universal symbols and images that everyone knows and refraining from employing slang.

Trick 2: You don't have to code websites all the time; simply choose an open-source library that provides pre-coded website programming and use it on your website, but make sure it matches your intended aim.

Tip 3: Buy NFT domains

NFT domains are a crucial component of every website. With the growth of blockchain technology, they are becoming an even more important component of the expanding web3. Adopting Web3 domains today before it is too late is recommended.

Be sure to research NFT domains before minting and to save time and energy researching the full study material. We have everything ready for you. Also, follow the guidelines below to get the greatest NFT domain.

Hidden Fact: Quik.com provides 100% ownership of NFT domains and a 5-10% royalty on any subsequent sales in the future, which can become a passive source of income for you.

Tips to acquire the best NFT domain name

It's not like you'll always receive the finest NFT domain name today since most of them have already been minted and settlers have acquired some, but there are still some tips to help you mint the best NFT domain name in your wallet, business, gallery, etc.

Tip 1: Please avoid hyphens

Hyphens can be the most annoying element in the NFT domain, especially when marketing your firm online or offline, and it confuses customers with dashes or underscores.

If there is a misspelling due to a hyphen, users will be forwarded to another NFT domain-based website or transferred to another wallet, creating nothing but LOSS. Stick to letters (only).

Tip 2: Genre-specific TLD & 2LD

Since Google does not index NFT domains, but it may in the future, being prepared now is preferable to being late, and you may wish to incorporate the primary keyword wherever possible to enhance and upgrade the reach of your NFT domain and the content you wish it to hold or possess.

Tip 3: It's not wrong to monitor competitors

If you want to buy NFT domains on Quik.com to expand your business on the decentralized web, look at what others in your area are doing, which is an important element of any marketing strategy. Evaluate, be inspired, and select the best NFT domain name to outrank them.

Why wait now that you know all the tips, tricks, and hidden facts?

Mint now and unlock your identity with NFT Domain!
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