With the metaverse kicking up a huge storm in the world, everyone has directed their attention to it and is desperately trying to be a part of it.

But the metaverse isn’t an app you can just open or a piece of software that you can just download; it represents a complex array of interconnected systems working together to provide users with a completely virtual world.

Navigating this virtual world is not easy. There are no surefire ways to access the metaverse and experience everything.

Keeping track of NFTs, virtual events, cryptocurrency, and Pay-to-earn games is virtually impossible.

And that is where GuilFi comes into the picture.

Founder of GuildFi

Jarindr Thitadilaka; founder and project head of GuildFi

Jarindr Thitadilaka is the founder of GuildFi. Ja has extensive technical experience in the past ten years in blockchain and software developments; He was instrumental in researching tokenizing NFT on Layer-2 and Blockchain gaming for many years. (1)

What is GuildFi?

Imagine a world where Netflix didn't exist. Watching a movie of your choice on the internet would have been tough. Navigating countless sites to find the movie you’re looking for is extremely stressful.

Netflix helps users by connecting them to virtually all the movies they want to see directly through their application.

GuildFi works along the same lines.

How GuildFi hopes to connect different metaverse features

Web3 games are being released in large numbers, yet players and enthusiasts find it difficult to explore and play them. The start-up costs for new play-to-earn games are considerable, and there is insufficient funding.

Cryptocurrency in gaming adds another layer of complexity for players and necessitates a foundational understanding to get started. Players' efforts are also compartmentalized within a game, which limits their ability to profit and contradicts the metaverse's full potential.

By building a Web3 infrastructure to link games, NFTs, and communities, GuildFi was developed by a group of seasoned gamers and community builders to enhance every player's experience while enabling interoperability throughout the metaverse. (2)

The idea behind GuildFi

The game experience can be improved with blockchain and NFT. In the future, Web3 games will be commonplace, and the metaverse will be just as accessible as the physical world.

The proliferation of Web3 games makes it difficult for players and fans to explore and experiment with them. Players' efforts are also compartmentalized within a game, which limits their ability to profit and contradicts the metaverse's full potential.

Gaming guild like GuildFi have their in-game currency

Gaming guilds have demonstrated that they are a successful onboarding method for this new gaming era. The gaming guild approach entails lending resources (NFTs) to the hired academics, enabling them to begin playing and earning without any initial outlay and lowering the entry barrier.

In the future, we may anticipate a wide variety of gaming guilds that cater to various player types, from play-to-earn to social guilds, as well as a large number of additional gaming projects and a wider selection of NFT assets throughout the metaverse.

By acting as an infrastructure to onboard, connect, and provide value for players, guilds, games, and investors alike, GuildFi elevates guilds to a new level. (3)

How does GuildFi work?

GuildFi is an extensive concept that will cater to user’s every metaverse need; as such it is divided into six platforms, these platforms are;

The interconnected system that will connect the entire metaverse

GuildFi ID

GuildFi ID is a metaverse ID with a leveling system that keeps track of users' accomplishments and metaverse footprints. Players earn rating and engagement points that translate into their due benefits.

The ID is used to confirm the legitimacy of the user and to assist in rewarding them for their activity.

Proof-of-play rewards

By analyzing your lifetime activities and providing you with the appropriate benefits, such as an allocation to an NFT campaign or a bonus yield from GuildFi tokens, GuildFi enables play-to-earn in any game.

Users can earn awards and advantages for Play-to-earn games with this function, which can be a reliable source of income.

Game discovery

GuildFi aids both gamers and game developers find the ideal player base for the launch of their respective games.

Players may search and play their favorite metaverse games on GuildFi, which also serves as a platform for producers to find the ideal target market.

NFT launchpad

A special NFT and token deal from GuildFi's partners are available, and the allocation is based on the player levels. For the first time, users may direct resources to the appropriate audiences.

GuildFI tools

By offering gaming tools, GuildFi improves the performance of its users. As an example, the features of the Axie Infinity toolkit include scholarship administration, daily SLP shares, PvP simulation, team status, and card explorer.

Scholarship portal

The built-in scholarship program on the GuildFi platform, funded by the company’s treasury, the guilds of partners, and related NFT funds, lowers the entry barrier for play-to-earn games and increases accessibility for players everywhere. (4)

Future of GuildFi and its funding

GuildFi launched its seed round as an ICO fundraiser through Copper Launch to grow internationally. Even though the seed round's window of opportunity was short from December 4–8, 2021, it was nevertheless able to attract US$ 140 million from international investors.

Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, DeFiance Capital, Hashed, and Pantera Capital are the other investors in this round of fundraising.

With its funding secured, GuildFi is looking at a bright future, especially considering it has an original idea and is one of a kind.

With the right marketing and strategy, GuildFi will become one of the leading companies for metaverse interactions.

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