With the surge in popularity of digital currency, digital assets, and the digital world of the metaverse, investing in it has become a smart move for investors.

The year 2021 certainly gave a boost to technological advancements. Along with the popularity gained by Bitcoin (1) and other cryptocurrencies, and alongside the digital asset NFT that supports the artist community,

By introducing digital assets, everyone was familiar with the emerging term "the Metaverse" by 2022.

The Metaverse has been in existence for decades but has only received popularity and recognition in recent years after the pandemic when people avoided physical contact and preferred virtual connection.

New inventions, technological advancements, and people attracted to VR/AR/XR (2) technology gave rise to the establishment of the digital world.

The metaverse is a parallel universe that operates digitally alongside the material world. The virtual connection helps you escape reality and explore the digital world where everything is real.

What happens in the metaverse also affects the material world.

If you purchase cotton candy from a store in the metaverse, you get it delivered to your doorstep in the material world (3). However, there are many possibilities and ways for you to also invest in the metaverse.

Also, remember that the metaverse is still in development mode and has not been fully developed. But there are many ways you can discover the three-dimensional augmented iteration of the internet, the metaverse.

An Overview of the Metaverse

A universe wherein you can create an avatar who walks, talks, and interacts represent you in the virtual universe. To experience the virtual universe, you need accurate gadgets such as VR/AR goggles.

Although you don't need to own a gadget to enter the virtual universe, You can also establish your existence using a smartphone or system that is compatible with the metaverse.

Companies like Facebook experienced a sudden change along with the popular emergence of metaverse-driven Meta (4). It symbolizes the future of communication and interaction.

The virtual universe consists of entertainment, gambling, trading, and many other sources that will allow you to exchange money and own legal property in the metaverse.

With many tech giants already investing and building their existence in the metaverse, you also have a chance to invest and establish your existence.

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Why Invest in the Metaverse?

The increasing demand of the metaverse and the many billionaires looking for an opening to enter blockchain-driven technology have the potential to conquer the technological world.

NFTs and smart contracts (5) play a vital role in exchanging and purchasing goods in the virtual universe. Metaverse investors must identify the emerging requirements of NFTs and metaverse crypto for future trade and exchange in the virtual universe.

Decentraland (6) and Sandbox (7) are already running in the competition, wherein you can buy real estate and even create your games and tools. This has emerged as a giant step in the virtual universe.

Apple (8), Google (9), Microsoft (10), and many others are already trying to acquire land and establish platforms in the Metaverse. These giants have not just acquired lands and properties in the metaverse. Still, they are also acquiring gadget competition in the material world, which has created many doors of opportunity for investment for investors.

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The increasing demand of the metaverse and the many billionaires looking for an opening to enter blockchain-driven technology have the potential to conquer the technological world.

NFTs and smart contracts play a vital role in exchanging and purchasing goods in the virtual universe. Metaverse investors must identify the emerging requirements of NFTs and metaverse crypto for future trade and exchange in the virtual universe.

Decentraland (11) and Sandbox (12) are already running in the competition, wherein you can buy real estate and even create your games and tools. This has emerged as a giant step in the virtual universe.

How to invest in the Metaverse?

While many have been trying to acquire platforms in the virtual universe, others are trying to acquire the source of investments. Many have wondered about the metaverse cryptocurrency as the best return on investment.

Many businesses and tech giants have already started investing in the virtual universe. Although an average investor may face some challenges due to a lack of open spaces and comprehensive information about the virtual universe,

Metaverse Tokens

NFT - Non Fungible Token
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The easiest way to invest in the virtual universe is to buy metaverse tokens. Multiple platforms provide the metaverse tokens, as they are a primary payment source.

  • The native token of the Decentraland Metaverse, MANA (13).
  • The native token of the Axie Infinity Metaverse, AXS (14).
  • The native token of the Sandbox Metaverse, SAND (15).

The price of metaverse tokens also varies, like cryptocurrencies. It depends on the market value it holds and could follow the ups and downs in its value at any time. However, the growth of the virtual universe will eventually boost the market value of the metaverse tokens.


The NFT token is the most prominent source of transactions in the metaverse. You can create your NFT on platforms offering NFT domains.

Although NFT transactions have certain rules, every token has a different value. The value of it depends on the market value it holds. Unlike cryptocurrency, where one bitcoin is equal to 1 bitcoin.

Every NFT has a unique idea that drives it differently from others. There cannot be two NFTs of the same type, and once you mint and own your NFT, copyright is applied.

So, remember, when you try to exchange your NFT to purchase any set of land or asset in the virtual universe, check its market value.

NFT domains at Quik.com (16), a secondary marketplace where you can mint your own NFT, own the legal rights to the NFT, and even sell and trade on the Quik platform.

NFTs also vary in genres, such as game NFTs, celebrity NFTs, and many others.

Real Estate

The PolkaCity (17) gas station sold out, yielding a monthly passive income of USD 16,000. Just like that, many real estate properties are available in the metaverse for you to invest in.

The most demanding metaverse platforms for you to invest in are Decentraland and Sandbox.

But before you purchase any assets or real estate, you will have to link Metamask, your digital wallet. Then by funding it with MANA or SAND for two Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

Once your Metamask wallet has sufficient value, you can shop for your metaverse land on Sandbox or Decentraland.

Steve Aoki and Snoop Dogg own land in Sandbox, and the land between these two celebrities is for a mind-boggling $2 million US dollars.

However, there are many pieces of land available for you to grab. As the growth of this virtual universe is moving fast, so will the investors trying to capture as much land as possible.

On the one hand, Sandbox has been attracting huge entertainment names. On the other hand, Decentraland has caught the eye of tech giants such as Samsung.

The Korean-based tech company purchased its Decentraland property in early January. It's a simulated shop like their New York City store, which can be explored virtually.

Some building in the modern side of Milan
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You need sand, the metaverse token to purchase land in the Sandbox. Then, to purchase land in Decentraland, you must have MANA. You can buy MANA with Coinbase, KuCoin, and Binance and then transfer it to your Metamask wallet.

Just as in the material world, where you want to invest in the land matters the most as it holds the market value in the community. The land value will certainly drop if you go far away from where there is no connectivity to food and accessories.

The closer you get to commercial land, the higher the land value. In the Decentraland, land near a plaza or district will eventually pay off. Although they might be expensive on the map, they are appreciated the fastest and make greater profits for the owners.

The metaverse does not provide passive income on Decentraland, the Sandbox, or PolkaCity for purchasing your land. Investors make money by buying land and property and then flipping them after receiving a good and profitable value.

Other notable ways to invest in the Metaverse

The metaverse is vast, just like the material world. Although there are many other ways you can invest in the virtual universe, these alternative investments for the metaverse are built with no complexity.

Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are also a vital asset to invest in the metaverse. This diversified asset has less volatility, which lowers the risk of exposure.

All you need is a brokerage account to invest in the ETF. It is said to be one of the biggest funds that focus on computer hardware solutions, gaming, and Iaas solutions.

Many crypto investors and metaverse investors are highly interested in the Metaverse EFTs. Here are some notable Metaverse EFTs for you to invest in.

RoundHill Ball Metaverse EFT (18).

It offers exposure in the metaverse and also includes a performance tracker. It consists of seven features: computation, hardware, networking, and many others.

7.91 U.S. dollars is the current price.

Subversive Metaverse ETF (19)

It is one of the most contributing elements of metaverse technology. It is an actively manageable fund used by global investors to provide services and products in the virtual universe.

17.71 US dollars.

The Simplify Volt Fintech Disruption ETF (20).

It is designed to dominate the fintech sector through capital appreciation in the metaverse technology.

3.61 U.S. dollars is the current price.

Metaverse Stocks

There are multiple ways to invest in the metaverse, but if you do not wish to invest in it directly, You can choose the indirect way of investing.

Many companies are working on metaverse projects. Purchasing their stocks will provide an indirect investment in the metaverse.

You can acquire investment opportunities by purchasing the stocks of gaming and 3D tech-driven companies in the metaverse, such as Roblox.

Roblox started as a normal video game, creating a unique virtual environment, just like the Metaverse. There are 47 million users on Roblox, with forecasts for a better investment opportunity for investors.

NVIDIA (21) is a 3D tech-driven company that is already providing graphic cards for Meta platforms that are also another giant in the metaverse race, making it a better technology investment.

Metaverse Index

This is another way of investing in the metaverse indirectly. The Metaverse Index, or MVI, is just like stock market indices that track the performance of the companies in a particular country.

MVI tracks the industry trends in the gaming, entertainment, and business sectors in the virtual universe. Its reduced volatility is the best feature for investing in it.

You are expected to bear less risk by investing in the MVI compared to other assets in the metaverse.

Sell or rent metaverse experiences

You can customize your virtual land and even rent the virtual land for businesses and offices.

If you run a business and want to advertise yourself in the metaverse, you can rent billboards and other advertising opportunities available in the metaverse, which can turn out to be a profitable investment for your business.

Before renting a billboard, make sure the land or the place it holds has higher market value and is not located in a deserted area. It is considered a feasible investment in the virtual universe.

Bottom Line

The Metaverse
Photo by julien Tromeur / Unsplash

Inventions and the creation of VR/AR/XR technology have created a better experience for users to explore the virtual universe. This also creates a buzz in the universe to explore more of the metaverse.

The metaverse holds multiple possibilities and scenarios, which open many doors to investment. As the world eventually shifted its places in the metaverse, tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and NVIDIA already held land and platforms in the virtual universe.

You can purchase metaverse tokens to perform transactions in the virtual universe. Linking your Metamask wallet gives you control and an entry into the metaverse market.

You can also purchase in-game NFTs and specific land parcels on multiple metaverse platforms.

Although not just direct investments, investors can invest in the metaverse indirectly by purchasing the stocks that hold metaverse projects and investing in exchange-traded funds (EFT).

Investors need to understand that the metaverse is still in its development model. Many developers and companies are investing hugely in building a world where everyone can have a virtual escape from reality.

Investing in the right sector is the absolute choice that depends on the investor.

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