Metaverse is truly fascinating; it has revolutionized the way we humans can interact with each other on a universal scale. Gaming is one sector that has especially seen astonishing new strides.

Illuvium - The game of the future

A game in particular that we must focus on is 'Illuvium', this open-world exploration is the first AAA blockchain video game. It is a massive RPG game that allows users to explore a world with deity-like creatures called 'Illuvials.' (1)


These Illuvials can be used to fight other users for further rewards, they are comparable to pokemon and are all listed as NFTs.

This means all the 'Illuvials' you catch have real-world value and can be exchanged for monetary value.

This all seems great, but how do I play this game?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to play metaverse-related games, and rightly so. Most metaverse games are still in the developing stages and only have released Betas which are hard to get.

But don't worry, I got you. This article will help you download the Beta version of Illuvium on your PC or mac.

In-game PvP match

Wait, what even is a private beta?

A private beta is a beta that isn't open to everyone, it is only given to selected users for a variety of reasons.

One main reason companies decide to run private betas; is because the company can test the product and make last-minute changes to improve the product experience.

Following a private beta is a public beta that is available to every user who wants to test out the beta version of the product.

Currently, Illuvium is in its Private beta phase; we are expecting the entire game to be released by the end of 2022.

Now let's get started on how to download and play Illuvium.

First things first, system requirements

When it comes to metaverse gaming, the requirements are not very high, meaning that you will not need to buy expensive gaming PCs to play these games.  

Minimum Requirments 

Competitive Requirments

PC Ram

6 GB

10 GB

Graphics card

GTX 1060

RTX 3080

Aaron, the co-founder of Illuvium has confirmed these minimum requirements, thus ensuring that users will not have to spend a lot on gaming PCs. (2)

Therefore if your PC has a minimum of 6 GB Ram and a graphics card, congratulations, you can play Illuvium.

Registering for the beta

Illuvium has currently released its beta for its survival mode, meaning users can request access to this beta to try out Illuvium's gameplay.

In-game Beta PvP match snapshot

To register for the beta, head to the illuvium official website or click the link attached.  (3)
Once you click this link, you'll be taken to the beta registering webpage of Illuvium. From here click on 'Illuvium Arena'.

Click on Illuvium Arena

Once you click on 'Illuvium Arena', you'll be taken to a page where you will get an option to 'Register for beta'.

'Register for interest'

You will need to make an account with Illuvium to register for this, after you do so you'll be taken to the registration page, where you will have to fill out a questionnaire to determine whether or not you get the beta.


After you fill out the questionnaire, click on register.

Doing so, you should get a confirmation Email and a notification showing that your registration has been successfully completed.

Last but not least, join the discord

To increase your chances of being selected for the beta, it is imperative you show active participation on the Illuvium Discord Chanel.

Ask questions, answer them, and participate in events, and your chances of getting selected will increase. (4)

Stunning and captivating graphics

With this, you're all set to play Illuvium. As time progresses, the number of beta testers is also increasing, and newer modes like 'Illuvium Zero' will also be coming soon. This is the perfect time to join this amazing game and start your journey as an 'Illuvial Master'.

Okay, I have the game now, but how do I go about playing it?

After selecting for beta testing and successfully downloading the game, you can officially start playing Illuvium.

When you run the application, you'll be able to see three options, survival, overworld, and Leviathan. Out of these modes, only Survival can currently be played.

Survival Mode in private beta.

After you click on 'Play,' you'll be taken to an arena where you will fight your first Illuvial battle.

After you do so, at the bottom, you will see a list of 'Illuvials' you can currently use. Browse through the element list until you find one that you want to use.

List of elements to choose from 

There are 5 elements available; Water, Earth, Nature, Air, and Fire. Selecting an Illuvial with the right element is very important.

You will also have a select number of mastery points which reduce every time you use an Illuvial.

Mastery Points

The basic aim of the survival mode is to see how many waves of enemies you and your Illuvials can withstand; after each wave, the strength and number of your enemies will increase.

You can not only select different types of Illuvials to fight for you but also customize your avatar to fight in the battle.

Wave 2 fight

Are there other modes in Illuvium?

Although Illuvial has only released its survival mode so far, it also has an open world exploration map currently available only to Illuvial employees.

Snapshots of open-world gameplay

The gameplay so far looks amazing, the graphics are top-notch, and the game design is superior in every which way.

The team is currently working on the movements and populating this open world with Illuvials for the users to catch.

What can you buy and sell in Illuvium?

Illuvium is a play-to-earn game, meaning you can earn money just by playing it; the game lets you buy lands and NFTs and even customize your avatars.


Illuvium land is rich in resources; you can buy land in it and later sell the resources on your land for monetary gains.

These resources are a vital part of the game and are needed by all users to upgrade their Illuvials; you can easily set up a revenue stream by owning land.

Users can currently bid on these land sales that are going on, making it the perfect time to get into the real estate business in the metaverse. (5)

Illuvium Open world map


The land is just one resource that can be bought and sold; Illuvial NFTs are the backbone of this game and will revolutionize gaming with its release.

Every Illuvial you acquire is an NFT that can be placed in the market to trade, meaning that if you get a rare Illuvial, you can sell it for enormous profits in the Illuvial marketplace. (6)

Example of NFT in Illuvium

Future of Illuvium as a Metaverse Game

Let's talk price prediction. The official Illuvium currency, ILV, is priced at $91.51 per coin. This is respectable for a game yet in its beta releases; however, the issue is that for Illuvium to reach the heights, it is supposed to, it will need a humongous boost in its price.

A study by Swap Space predicted the coin to reach a value of $227 to $392 by the year 2025; these values are highly erratic, which isn’t a good indication of the company's future.

However, these price predictions can always be flawed, there are many factors to consider, and a lot of this will depend on how Illuvium updates and grows. (7)

Price prediction by Trading View

The game's future, content vise it is honestly looking very good. It is a competitive game that can be played casually and professionally, and the gameplay is exciting.

If things go well for Illuvium, we can also hope to see it in EA sports soon enough, where professional YouTubers and gamers will be competing on an international level.

The game has near-infinite potential and its success could mean that these new play-to-earn metaverse games could replace the current leaders in the video game industry like Call of duty, Fortnite, and Apex legends.

Illuvium might just be the game that thrusts the world into the exciting new idea of the metaverse and completely transforms the gaming industry as we know it.

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