Are you constantly wondering what the booming world of Metaverse is?

But what is this Metaverse, exactly? Is it a virtual realm where we can immerse ourselves in limitless possibilities? Is it the internet's dismal future based on science fiction? Is it merely a fancy way of classifying extended reality (XR), including augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies? (1)

In his 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash, author Neal Stephenson invented the term "metaverse." The Metaverse, according to his book, is a sweeping digital environment that lives in parallel to the real world.

The Metaverse is a parallel universe of the real world on the internet. It is a 3D virtual world that simulates real-life places and events onto the internet and allows users to experience virtual reality. It is a 3D version of the world on the internet that puts people right in the middle of the action with extensive graphics.

The evolution of the internet is the Metaverse. Although it does not exist in its complete entity, it does exist through other modes. Roblox, a popular video game, is a form of the Metaverse where users can create an avatar and interact. Fortnite, Minecraft, and many other video games seem to be minor imitations of the Metaverse.

Have you heard of Second Life? If you have, you probably know that this legendary game launched in 2003 and had a vision of the Metaverse. Second life offered users an escape mechanism from the real world. This game allowed users to have a virtual life where they could do as they pleased. (2)

Does Metaverse exist right now?

Yes, it does in various forms. The Metaverse is a concept that many large corporations and businesses have chosen to adopt.

There will be multiple metaverses for diverse experiences rather than a single metaverse where all of this enjoyment will take place. For instance, one Metaverse could be a football field, while another could be a bar. You will choose which Metaverse you want to visit at any given time, which is the one you will visit. (3)

Here are a few examples to explain how.

The Metaverse partially exists in many video games such as Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and many other games where you can attend concerts, shop or sell items, build an avatar, and survive. But all these games are restricted to the theme of the game and don't offer a wider range of experiences. (4)

The Metaverse simulates the entire real world and offers virtual experiences to people in every single activity. Wondering how?

The retail stores associated with the Metaverse allow users to step into the stores, try on the products, and then decide to buy. For example, Nike has filed new trademarks for virtual Air Jordans, while Walmart plans to sell virtual goods in its online stores using its cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). (5)

Prominent brands like Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gabbana hosted fashion shows on the Metaverse. This means that they showcased their products virtually in a 3D platform for customers to buy. This fashion show was also named the metaverse fashion week, where hundreds of brands hosted fashion shows for their items. (6)

Is the Metaverse technically a video game?

Partially, no. In current video games like Fortnite, players can create an avatar, communicate with each other, and earn virtual money to buy products for their avatar. According to experts in the Metaverse, users can create an avatar that can eat, sleep, shower, go for walks, read, shop, and interact with other users from the real world. (7)

Two people in different parts of the world in different time zones can enter the Metaverse and interact and experience the virtual world. Users can do all of the things that they can in the real world. Seems pretty fascinating to me.

Okay, so is the Metaverse the future of the internet?

Since Facebook rebranded its parent company as Meta and announced that it was becoming a metaverse firm a few months ago, there's been a lot of buzz around the Metaverse as Mark Zuckerberg himself said that the Metaverse is the future of the internet. The majority of the population is probably still wondering what the Metaverse is.

Honestly, there is still no clear definition for the Metaverse as it keeps evolving within itself with much more comprehensive technologies. As more and more corporations move to the Metaverse and expand their reach, the Metaverse will tend to become immensely popular.

Ironically, after the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic, all our lives seemed to shift to the virtual world. It was all online, whether shopping, working, or any other activity. Gaming and entertainment were an extensive turnover as people during lockdowns and quarantines had to spend their time somehow.

This is exactly when the Metaverse fully came into the picture. We probably would have realized that everything can be done online and on the internet with a click. We all lived through and from the internet in the real world.

The concept of Metaverse to give users a separate virtual life where anyone could be anyone they want and do anything they want was a hit. As the idea began to open new doors and opportunities for everyone, they all wanted a piece of the cake.

The possibilities of a virtual world where lines of code back everything could open up new revenue streams for businesses who enter this new market. The possibilities are endless, and the shift is already underway based on how Americans have adopted a more digital lifestyle.

"Over the next five years, Metaverse technology will become tangible, concrete, and sample able,"

said Brian Cooley, CNET Editor-at-Large. "I think it'll be amazing, but I think it'll have a variety of flavors rather than just one."(6)

People can do almost anything they want with the help of AR, VR headsets, digital avatars, and connected devices: socialize with faraway friends, shop in a virtual space at any time of day or night, attend world-renowned universities, and virtually present to international coworkers and clients - the possibilities are endless. (7)

The Metaverse offers a wide range of financial opportunities to businesses and in the form of popularity in gaining any credibility.

Metaverse will be the largest booming corporation in ten years as the world shifts to the digital era. All around the world, people are adapting to the digital era as everything is easy and convenient; Metaverse offers its users this experience in a much more renewed manner.

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