Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been on the news for the past few months, it might be because of the very public defamation trials (1) and chaotic aftermath, or it might be because of his recent release of the song “The Death and Ressurection show” (2), supposedly from his upcoming album ‘18’. He is once again in the limelight because of his charity to four organizations by splitting his NFT earnings.

But apparently, the reason for the sudden explosion of this news was not only because of his charity but because of its link with Amber Heard. The NFT in question is the “Never Fear the truth NFT”. Upon sale, the NFT has managed to raise approximately $800,000.

Source: Medium.com

When the announcement of his donation to four different organizations was made, people started pointing out how one of the organizations has links with Amber Heard.

Which are these four organizations?

The four organizations among whom the donation was split are:

  • Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity
  • The Footprint Coalition
  • The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.


About the NFT

A collection of 3,850 NFT was created by Actor Jhonny Depp. He has been known for his passion for painting. This NFT collection is a medium through which Depp would be sharing his artwork with the world. The Never Fear Truth collection includes portraits of his friends, heroes, and family.

It also has a fictional self-portrait and depiction of Bunnyman, who is the subject of his son’s dream (3).

When the collection of released discord encountered an anomaly, reportedly this anomaly happen because of huge traffic to the channel. The NFTs could only be purchased by the member of Depp’s discord channel, this led to the flooding with traffic, and it was quickly topped by 10,000 members.

Soon it surpassed the mark of 75,000, and many expressed amazement at the support and enthusiasm of the NFT community.

The collection received an unexpected response, which clearly showed the apparent success of the project.

It was clear from the start that 25% of the sales will be donated to charity(4)

The collection managed to raise about 800,000, which has been now been donated to the four organizations.

The Current Dilemma

Now let us look at the current dilemma that we are facing, the question of how exactly Amber Heard linked to Mr. Depp's charitable deeds.

Well, the Aquaman star Amber Heard had previously revealed that she had split her $ 7 million divorce settlement between two charities, the first one being the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the second one being the American Civil liberties Union. For such a kind act she received a lot of praise from people around the world.

But she failed to pay…

Later during the Depp-Heard defamation trials, the news broke that Heard failed to donate the money that she had pledged to do in 2016. The ACLU executive testified that they never received the promised donation. To this Heard proclaimed she failed to donate the money because of Depp’s Lawsuit (5).

So, how are they linked?

Since, Amber Heard failed to pay the donation to both organizations, one of which was the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Coincidentally or uncoincidentally, one of the four organizations that Depp has donated his NFT’s earnings includes the aforementioned organization.

Therefore when the news broke out of Depp's donation, many were quick enough to connect the dots and this is how we end up with Ms. Heard being linked to this news.

People’s reaction to Depp’s Donation

Fans have been showering praise on Jhonny Depp for his “never-ending kindness”. Many were fast to express how he never went back on his word, and always fulfilled his commitments. He was praised by many for his artwork and the NFT community and his fans showed a lot of support for his NFT project.

Now let us focus on the Never Fear Truth NFT

The Never Fear Truth Collection will grant the holders access to Jhonny Depp’s community on Discord. This community is a place for his fans and friends to come together, they can collaborate on creative projects together (6).

The community member would have an access to unique work, experiences, music, art, film, and many other future projects. The community is initially open for all, but after the sale of the NFTs, it would turn into a members-only zone. The NFT holders would be able to access the community by linking their wallets.

The holders would also receive the high-resolution print of their NFTs from the original work. This print would only be limited to the NFT owners, they would be a unique work of art with Jhonny Depp’s official art certification. The holders could even claim a physical copy of their artwork.

The Bunnyman

If someone manages to mint one of the Bunny man NFTs from the collection, they can send a sketch of carrot embellishment. This would later be incorporated into a physical Bunny Man artwork.  The artwork would a piece to both the holder and the artist.

Johnny Depp himself would then sign each of the original, physical works and sent them back to the owners (7).

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

His first public collection is focused on the theme of friends and Heroes, these are portraits of people he knows, who have inspired him. The artwork is a reflection of their characters from Depp’s eye. It even includes the image of the dog ‘mooh’ and the legendary Bunny Man.

How much are these NFTs for?

Each of the NFTs has been sold for an average price of about 0.8 ETH. The collection experienced a sharp surge in interest after the trials for the defamation case. The collection was not boding well before the trials, it was barely seeing any transactions. But after the trials there for a sharp increase in its sales (8).

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