Paris Saint-Germain has adopted NFT ticketing for its Japan tour. PSG is one of the best football clubs in the world, to commemorate the tour to Japan after 27 years, PSG has decided to sell NFT tickets.


This would be the first time since PSG's Japan tour in 1995. Therefore to celebrate their return after so many years, to make the event even more special for the fans, the pre-season tour ticket is made with NFT. The starting date to book a ticket was 9th July 2022. (1)

" In the summer of 2022, Paris Saint-Germaine, one of the best football clubs in the world, will tour Japan! To commemorate their first visit to Japan in 27 years, we will be offering premium NFT tickets and commemorate NFTs that you can only get here and now"

About PSG

PSG is a prestigious French professional football club with superstar players. The iconic professional football club boasts of a great legacy and legendary players including Lionel Messi, Neymar, Ramos, Marquinhos...and the list goes on.

The Japan Tour 2022

We have already gone over the fact that it is after many years PSG is going on a Japan tour, therefore they would be offering premium NFT tickets, and commemorative NFTs. PSG would be visiting Japan for pre-season friendly matches against three J1 League teams, this month.

Their first match would be against the Kawasaki Frontale in the Tokyo National Stadium on 20th July. The second match would be on 23rd July, they will be going against the Urawa Reds in Saitama Stadium. The last match will be on  25th July in the Suita Panasonic Stadium against Gamba Osaka (2).        

Let's Look at the NFT Tickets!

The digital NFT tickets are built on blockchain technology, PSG Japan Tour ticket aims to combine "best experience value with best collection value, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

NFT Ticketing!

Yup, if you don't know already, NFT ticketing for sports events is now going to become a thing. France is already contemplating the thoughts of replacing the monotonous Ticketing system with the NFT tickets. Tokenizing the tickets as NFT the sports industry will be able to fight back the scalpers (3).

By replacing the regular ticketing system, with NFTs, they would be able to regain control over the secondary ticket market.

The ticket industry is going through a lot of turmoil, the tickets sell out in a few minutes, and many ticket touts hoard these tickets and then sell them on the secondary market for a higher price.

The ones who suffer the most are the fans, who lose out on the tickets and then would have to pay an absurd amount for tickets to their favorite sports event (4).

The PSG's Japan Tour NFT Tickets...

The Japan Tour NFT ticket aims to combine the best experience and the best collection together! Therefore the offering includes three NFT tickets for the three matches scheduled in Japan. The average price of each ticket is about 180.36 ETH, which would be well over $205 thousand according to the current rates. The sales start on 9th July and close on July 13th.

The NFT ticket holders would obviously get a lot of benefits, which include access to the VIP room and the subsequent VIP party. The players would obviously join the party (5).

Special pre-season NFT tour tickets would be available from 9th July, the 'Royal VIP Room NFT Ticket'  that features PSG's uniform for the new season, was sold for an astonishing price of 30 million yen. Only three limited-edition tickets were available per game. This specific ticket includes a VIP room that could accommodate 10 to 19 people.  

The Commemorative NFT

The PSG commemorative digital merch is full of collectibles, it comprises premium videos with messages attached from the players, main visuals, etc. This commemorative merch would be launched on the blockchain-based NFTs, providing the right for ownership to the NFT holders.

They would also include key movements captured in videos and pictures from the PSG club tour (6). One the first match against the Kawasaki Frontale, PSG would be fielding its stars, players including Lionel Messi.

The Perks of the NFT Tickets...

The platinum ticket holders would be able to join in on the PSG squad welcome and farewell events, press conferences, TV programs, Soccer clinics, and public training. They would get free meals, complimentary drinks, and souvenirs during the matches in Japan.

They also get the opportunity to watch the player's warm-ups before the game, the lucky individual would be chosen through a special lottery.

The royal ticket holders would get entrance to the VIP room, 3 people per ticket would be given the golden chance of participating in the VIP party. They would also be given the opportunity to take commemorative photos and get signed autographs(7) from the stars.  

Sports Adopting NFTs

NFTs have been suggested as a commodity to replace the monotonous ticket system. It has become the main focus of the ticketing system because of its blockchain technology. One of the main objectives behind this suggestion is to stop the counterfeiting of tickets.

The French envoy for the Olympics, Michel Cadot has been advocating for the adoption of NFT ticketing for all the major sporting events to be held in France. Especially after the widely reported ticket fiasco related to the Champion's League Final, the whole country has become an advocate of the NFT ticketing system(8).

France has been forced into action due to the demands of its people and therefore it has been exploring new and safe methods of ticketing what better option than NFT.


The French soccer team has already involved itself with NFTs in its campaign. The PSG football club has decided to collaborate with Jay Chou a notable Taiwanese pop star, to launch an NFT collection (9) as a celebration of its 10th league championship and the year of the Tiger.  

And as we are already aware, the PSG football club is now selling NFT-based tickets for the Japan tour in 2022.






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