Professional athletes are used to being in the public eye and scrutinizing every choice they make on and off the field or court. You can get information about a professional athlete by turning on the news or browsing social media.

However, we have seen that celebrities and professional athletes can reach and engage a far larger audience than before since the emergence of the Internet, particularly on social media platforms.

Athletes influence several important societal and cultural concerns. They offer the "voice" that social media platforms value and have the power to influence not just a particular problem or incident but the entire planet.

PlayersOnly revolves around athletes; it gives them a platform in the metaverse to express themselves.

Founder of PlayersOnly

Founder Tuan Ma

Tuan Ma is an entrepreneur, computer scientist, and founder of PlayersOnly. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science from DePaul University and an M.B.A. from Durham University (UK).

CEO Tuan Ma founded PlayersOnly in 2020 based on his strong passion for sports and a vision for a social experience that all athletes and sports fans could enjoy.

“As a lifelong sports fan, I have always yearned for a platform that could combine my love of sports with my enjoyment of social media. I’m confident that the time is now to digitize, gamify, and socialize the way fans engage with their friends. I have created an innovative product and look forward to globally impacting the sports landscape. " (1)

How would the metaverse affect sports and athletes?

Metaverse and sports

Users in the metaverse would be represented by their avatar, expressing their fandom and personal passions using their voiceprint.

Additionally, a metaverse would eliminate physical and geographical obstacles to provide a better experience before, during, and after sporting events.

For instance, users of the Metaverse Sports Arena might interact with athletes in a virtual bar, take photos of them, and have real-time conversations with their idols.

A panoramic picture of the entire game is available to spectators during games, and they can opt to zoom into any perspective to see even more information.

Peer-to-peer and follower-to-team or athlete ties are fostered through fandom, and digital world builders in and around sports can sculpt this new territory.

The influence sports can have on the metaverse is unimaginably high.

Although there is significant potential for money, these new Web3 constructions serve at least as a tool for fan involvement. Tickets can be sold at digital venues, and there will be a large selection of sponsors. Avatars can also buy items that will increase their interaction with athletes. (2)

What is PlayersOnly?

PlayersOnly brings sports social media to a previously unheard-of new level by directly connecting athletes, sports organizations, and fans through a recognizable social media interface.

With the aid of this metaverse-powered application, fan and athlete engagement will reach a record high.

The company's platform levels the playing field for athletes and teams to monetize their content, giving them a new avenue to connect with a worldwide audience.

Athletes worldwide may create professional profiles on PlayersOnly, connect with other athletes, and advertise themselves to recruiters, colleges, and teams.

Athletes can create a profile on PlayersOnly with stats, highlight reels, and anthropometric data. Scouts, recruiters, and schools can keep an eye on their development thanks to the site. (3)

The idea behind PlayersOnly

NBA draft picks in progress

The company's goal is to develop a user-friendly network that will enable teams to more effectively locate and target athletes with the skill set that coaches, recruiters, scouts, or teams are trying to fill.

Universities, teams, recruiters, marketers, and the industry have difficulty staying on top of the constantly shifting environment of marketing and sports.

PlayersOnly is aware of the issue and has created the best connection platform for facilitating connections between athletes, recruiters, students, schools, and agencies.

Many athletes today go unnoticed and have no idea how to get schools' attention. They are resource and information poor, which frequently results in potential recruiting opportunities being lost.

PlayersOnly wants to fix this by ensuring all athletes can put themselves on the market and showcase their talent. Athletes can flourish and focus on what matters more without worrying about marketing themselves. (4)

What is the PlayersOnly token? And why is it required?

Like many other metaverse applications, PlayersOnly has its in-game currency, which is used for all transactions in the application.

Any money used inside a game to buy products, open treasure crates, or open player packs is in-game currency. You may call them gold, points, coins, or credits.

Games may offer two different sorts of currency: earned currency (soft currency) and purchasable currency (hard currency). The earned currency often has a lower value than the currency bought with real money.

PlayersOnly Token (PO) is a utility token that is the main tool for governing the sports metaverse. PlayersOnly, which rewards investors and gives users a way to access products and services, is the next-generation utility token for sports and entertainment. (5)

PlayersOnly “beta” release

PlayersOnly is coming to smartphones.

PlayersOnly, a new athlete-focused sports social networking platform, is thrilled to announce the release of the "invite-only" beta version of their new iOS mobile app.

PlayersOnly is a sports social media network that gives athletes a unique opportunity to sell themselves. The slogan of PlayersOnly is "Your Sport. Your Platform," which highlights the company's goal of introducing a brand-new social media platform for serious sports fans and athletes. Consequently, all users will have a distinctive sports community experience. (6)

Future of PlayersOnly

Sporting is a sector that has immense potential in the metaverse. If handled correctly, PlayersOnly can become the one-stop location for all athletes in the metaverse.

Its superior concept allows for a new way for Athletes to present themselves, and the company should do well just by this concept alone.

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