How to find the right domain name for your business
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The emergence of the decentralized web3 technology (1) and blockchain-driven applications (2) has also sped up the development of decentralized websites and increased the volume of digital currency and its transactions. While (3) is offering NFT domains with features that bridge this technology with the users and also emphasize an NFT domain culture, creating a trend of its own.

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Now, NFTs and cryptocurrency (4) have become natural terms for many worldwide. Even major and minor brands have started accepting these digital tokens as exchange currencies. They have both transitioned the way human exchange operates and also given the world another obsessive asset for bolstering their collection portfolio.

Although users are required to create their digital wallets (5) for storing their digital collectibles, assets, or even currencies, These wallets are decentralized wallets where users own their special key, which provides complete rights and control, and these digital wallets are also considered the major identification application for users on the web.

Digital wallet addresses occasionally lengthen the transaction or exchange processes and make it challenging for users to call them out because they contain random digits and a complex algorithm that renders them incomprehensible to humans. Users can connect their wallets using NFT domains from, which lets users carefully choose a name like mywallet.web3 (6) or sammasonwallet.metaverse (7).

Additionally, this will make it easier for users to remember their wallet address and to carry out any transaction or exchange without the need for copy/paste techniques. Additionally, copying and pasting might be a little risky at times, so having an easy-to-remember name makes a big difference.

Another significant advantage is that users can use these NFT domains to create their very own decentralized websites. As web3 emphasizes its decentralized nature, so do these NFT domains; as a result, once the user mints their NFT domain, the marketplace is no longer responsible for any profit from your domain; instead, users become the legitimate owners of the NFT domains once minted.

How to mint the NFT domain on is providing top-level domains for users so they can host their decentralized websites there and even alter their lengthy and random wallet addresses to a human-readable name with no renewal costs and 100% ownership for the minters.

These domains are decentralized and immune to censorship and external interference. The legitimate controller and manager of the NFT domain and website is the owner of those properties. Moreover, a perk that grants miners a 5% royalty on every subsequent sale of their NFT domain name

Top-level domains on (8):











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Users can now effortlessly switch from the web2 to the decentralized web3 (9) and take advantage of all the major benefits it has to offer that are user-focused and respect user privacy.

The Quik ecosystem also allows users to negotiate with the purchasers of their desired NFT domain for settlement. It also allows users to post if they are willing to sell any NFT domain on their Quik profile. Users must understand that each NFT domain is unique and non-replicable. will soon introduce its users to their very own metaverse, the Goodplace, which will also have significant benefits for NFT domain holders.

Mint your first NFT Domain on now.

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