A new virtual playground has entered the metaverse platform Roblox. Samsung has recently unveiled their new Metaverse experience called 'Space Tycoon' built inside the global metaverse platform Roblox.  

Samsung Electronics (1), a South Korean multinational Manufacturing conglomerate is considered to be one of the major electronic component manufacturers. But not only that it is also one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world.

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And here comes some more information...

Here We Go...

The official newsroom post of Samsung company announced the launch of their new Metaverse experience called 'Space Tycoon'. This Metaverse experience is based on a virtual playground that is targeted to capture the attention of the Gen Z generation. The Virtual playground as we already know was launched on the metaverse platform Roblox (2).

The virtual space called 'Space Tycoon' will accommodate the users to play games. The users can also create their own games, and share their experiences with their friends and other players.

And how one might wonder?

Well, there are a plethora of similar gaming experiences out there with similar functions. In this particular metaverse experience, the users can create, play and share their gaming experience by using Samsung products with alien avatars in space.

The Past Relations

We shall now explore Samsung and its venture into the Metaverse (2) environment.

Samsung's venture into the metaverse has been through many software encounters, most of them being related to the Gaming and entertainment zone. The company has been working to develop projects within the metaverse space after its previous collaborations with many partners.

They used to make VR headsets for their phones, they have also been on into Smart glasses.

No! No! No! We don't stop here!

Samsung had already launched its own NFT (3) platform in collaboration with Nifty Gateway, which has gained popularity since its launch. The company has been quite involved, they are focusing their resources and efforts on areas, in order to uplift the Metaverse-based platform.  

Recently the company has participated in the Series A funding round company Doubleme. It is a Korean-based metaverse company. Samsung has already launched its store in Decentraland (4).  

Now that we know how much the company has been involved with the metaverse and NFTs, we can now focus our attention back on 'Space Tycoon'.

Their Target

The company has been targeting Gen Z(5) customers, they intend to provide their users with an integrated metaverse experience that enables the users to create and enjoy their very own Samsung product.

Their ultimate aim is to let the users interact with the Brand and other users as well.  

What the company had to say...

The Executive Vice president at the corporate Design Center in Samsung Electronics stated:

"Space Tycoon is designed to be a playground where many customers can experience unlimited Possibilities of virtual space."


What they wished to achieve with the launch of Space Tycoon...

"We wanted to give our GenZ customers a chance to experience Samsung Products in a way they have never done before. We will continue to showcase content that can deliver more meaningful and entertaining digital experiences for both our current and future customers."


The possible inspiration behind the name Space Tycoon is the Tycoon game genre. They might have taken designing and functionality cues from the business simulation 'tycoon' (6) genre.

It is definitely not the 'Tycoon' which means wealthy and powerful business person!

What the heck is that?

Well, a tycoon game is a genre of game where the player's ultimate goal is earning money, mainly by producing and selling something (7).

Let's move on!

The virtual playground is set in the Samsung Space Station, as well as in the research laboratory. Here the alien characters conduct research on Samsung's newest products.

The Game Tycoon is focused on the production of video games. They belong to the category of economic simulation games.

The three play areas:

The Space Tycoon comprises three specific play areas (8),

  • The Minting Zone: The Minting Zone could be used for resource procurement
  • The Shop: The shop is essentially used for the game item purchase. So if the users wish to purchase in-game gadgets they can do so at the 'the shop'
  • The Lab: Lab is basically for product manufacturing. Therefore, the users can visit this playing area in order to manufacture new products.

More information

In 'Space Tycoon,' the users can design various Samsung products, varying from a range of products like Smartphones to TVs and home appliances. And how is that possible you might ask? This is possible by using the excavated resources. The users can also purchase and upgrade game items.

There is no bound to the user's creativity, they can even give their real-life products a makeover to become in-game gadgets.

Analogy Time!

So, to understand how the users could give their real-life gadget makeover let's go through some examples (9):

Suppose users own a foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip, using 'Space Tycoon' they can now turn their smartphone into anything, like a bag, etc. So they can even use vacuum cleaners and turn them into a hoverboard!

Therefore, the users can take up any gadget and then turn them into an entirely different thing, it all depends on them.

Moving on...

The Shop, for now, has about 20 Samsung products available. The color of each item can change randomly, it would likely depend on the levels. New products would also be updated regularly.

This metaverse experience has been launched in about 14 languages, the list includes, Korean, Chinese, English, etc. There are even features available for the users to interact with other users,  they can share their experiences and even attend exclusive virtual parties in the future.


Samsung would be holding online events in the future, through their website, under the YouMake campaign (10). The Campaign is focused on letting the users customize their devices. It has a lineup of products that the users can personalize to fit their style. The campaign is focused on collecting and coloring their products.        


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