The metaverse is a notion for an online, 3D environment that combines several virtual spaces and is a persistent natural iteration of the cosmos. It will revolutionize how we work, connect, socialize, play, and everything else in the real world in the virtual 3D realm; it is the internet, user experience, and technology of the future.

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Shubkarman Bhullar

The US military joins the Metaverse

Everyone knows Meta to be the leading constructor when it comes to the metaverse, but that may not be right. The US military has joined this endeavor and is performing some miracle feats with it. Here is a look at the US militarising the metaverse.

Shubkarman Bhullar

Zuckerberg's Project Cambria, Explained

Recently, in an interview, Mark Zuckerberg revealed how he plans on launching a new VR headset that will become the go-to for the entire metaverse. What is this new headset and what does it mean for the VR headsets currently in the market?

Shubkarman Bhullar

Metaverse and tourism

The tourism industry was affected really badly during the pandemic, but not all hope is lost for this industry, Metaverse is providing tourism companies with ways for them to reach a widder audience worldwide and market their product.

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