In this short and squeezy guide:

  1. We will learn how to buy NFT domains on NFT domain marketplace.
  2. We will also learn how to sell NFT domains on NFT domain marketplace for those unwilling to hold an NFT domain or look for a place to sell or flip NFT domains.

The process of acquiring NFT domains

Buying NFT domains is not as complicated as buying traditional domains. You are not obliged to go through the entire documentation procedure, complete the paperwork, wait for approval, and pay high costs in addition to annual subscription charges.

Buying NFT domains on is as easy as online shopping. Simply search for the domain you want to buy, select the TLD, and then add it to your bag if you want to buy more, or proceed to checkout and then validate the transaction to acquire. That's it!

It's as easy as buying a product online. Don't worry. We'll go over it in depth in this ultimate step-by-step guidebook on how to buy NFT domains quickly and effortlessly on the NFT domain marketplace,

Here’s how to buy NFT domains on
  • Launch on your default browser.
  • In the search field at the top, type the name you want to mint.
  • Subsequently, select the NFT domain TLD you want to integrate with the selected name.
  • You may first select a TLD by choosing "NFT domains" in the top bar next to "explore."
  • And then, look for the name on the boldly displayed search bar on the TLD page.

Now that you are on the NFT domain page that you wish to mint:

  • After that, click the "mint" button to go to the checkout.
  • Check that you have the appropriate cryptocurrency; integrate the wallet and validate the transaction.
  • The minting procedure will commence once the blockchain confirms and validates the transaction.
  • Don't close the window. After the NFT domain is minted, it will be transferred immediately to your dedicated wallet. Done!
Congratulations on successfully acquiring an NFT domain name!

The process of selling NFT domains

Selling NFT domains is simple, like buying them. Crypto domains can be sold, transferred, traded, and exchanged at will since once the name is transferred to the user's wallet, the user becomes the legitimate owner, controller, and decider of the NFT domain.

When selling NFT domains, you don't have to wait for a subscription time to end before listing it, nor do you have to complete all of the paperwork and then manually transfer ownership rights.

Since NFT domains are NFTs, they can be sold, transferred, exchanged, or traded in the same way that NFTs are. We recommend trading, exchanging, and transferring by privately listing the NFT domain to a specific user and then completing the transaction; why?

To avoid scams and fraud spamming your wallet, it's not like you give and take. It's like you give and then wait to take if you're unsure how; we have a whole article about Unstoppable Domains and how to private list NFT domains on a private sale.

Click the attached link! 🫰

However, anyone looking to sell NFT domains to flip, profit, or because they no longer desire ownership can simply list them on the NFT domain marketplace and then follow the prompted pages by adding requested data and validating the transaction.

It's as simple as that. Don't worry. We'll go over this step by step as well, but for now, just know how simple it is, and there are no complacent stages involved, unlike standard subscription model-based domains.

Since NFT domains are owned forever and are not subject to censorship or a subscription model, they are a one-time purchase that may be sold at any time and from anywhere and anyhow.

Here’s how to sell NFT domains on
  • Launch on your default browser.
  • Click the "sell" icon in the top bar, boldly in blue.
  • Select the blockchain where you want to sell your NFT domain.
  • Now, select the NFT domain you want to sell.
  • You will have two options: a fixed sale or a timed auction.

In a fixed sale, you select the price of the NFT domain, list it to your preference, and select the duration.


In a timed auction, you must specify the number of days and the starting price, and the users will bid in that time frame, and once the duration is over, the auction winner must pay the ending price to acquire the NFT domain.

  • Select your preferred pricing and click "complete listing."
  • Now for your wallet to validate the transaction, click "sign." It will take a few seconds to process. Done!
Congratulations! your NFT domain is successfully listed for sale.
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