Wondering what exactly is the Sandbox Metaverse?

Well, the Sandbox that we are referring to here is the Sandbox Metaverse (1). The Sandbox metaverse is an NFT gaming metaverse. Metaverse is the future, the next generation of the internet that will revolutionize the user experience through the usage of technologies like Virtual reality and Augmented reality.

Metaverse promise a futuristic experience where the user can work, socialize, play, interact and do much more by using their digital avatar to live in the virtual three-dimensional world. Metaverse has now become immensely popular because of its advanced technology and promising future gains.

Many people invest a lot of money in the development of metaverse (2). We can guess how big it would become in the future and how much return people may get from them, just by looking at how many tech giants and globally listed companies have now shown their interest by investing in them.

So how many Metaverse are there?

There are many Metaverse platforms that you can use, following is the list of Metaverses that are considered to be on the top (3):

  1. Decentraland
  2. Sandbox
  3. Axie Infinity
  4. Bloktopia
  5. Zepeto
  6. Roblox
  7. Nike
  8. Gather
  9. BollyHeroes
  10. Space Somnium

Sandbox Metaverse

Now that we are already aware of what is the basic concept of the metaverse and how many types of metaverse platforms are available out there. Let us now focus on Sandbox Metaverse (4)

The Sandbox metaverse is an NFT gaming platform, that is based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

As we know the Sandbox is a virtual NFT gaming metaverse where the users can buy virtual lands for themselves, they can customize these lands with experience, another option is to customize them with playable games.

The Sandbox video game allows its users to buy land, this piece of land is fully owned by the users because this land is in the form of an NFT token. The users can, therefore, use these lands to develop their own customized land and games. They can even monetize them to earn some profit.

The sandbox has managed to capture the interest of many celebrities and big companies who have already started investing in the Sandbox metaverse (5). Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton have already made their moves, and many major brands such as Adidas, and Ubisoft have also invested their money in this metaverse.

The Sandbox is an NFT-based video game that can be played on PC, mobile devices, etc. The is an open-world game, therefore the players can explore the online map, which contains thousands of unique gaming experiences.

How does it look?

The game resembles Minecraft, it has block-like characters, similar to retro games but these retro game visuals are now in 3D.

In the game the players can explore an online map, this map is mostly created by users rather than the developers. The user as we know can customize the land and games, therefore the abundance of the locations of games are available (6).

The LAND as we know is an NFT, a Non-fungible token that is used by the users to purchase. They can also use them to create a customized gaming experience. They can use them to show their own personality, to create their own personal space.

What does it do?

The Sandbox allows its users to create, use, sell and monetize the virtual reality NFTs, that they have customized according to their wishes (7). Therefore, they successfully give control into the hand of the user, the users are the sole owner of their creation and have every right to whatever they want to do with them as they please.

Its Products...

This metaverse has its basic component (8) that helps in providing the users with a thorough gaming experience. These products are VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker.

  1. VoxEdit: Through the VoxEdit players can create voxel models, these models are building blocks used for the creation. They are basically 3D pixels, used for creating three-dimensional objects such as humans, animals, etc.
  2. The Marketplace: The Sandbox marketplace is for the users to publish and sell their creations, these creations are made with the help of VoxEdit. The players first upload their creations, there they are uploaded into the IPFS network, where their creations are registered using blockchains to certify their ownership. Once the creation has been registered and uploaded, they are then converted to ASSETS, now the user can sell them using the marketplace.
  3. Game Maker: As we can guess from the name itself, the game maker is used by the players to create their own virtual 3D game. These games can be made without any charges and quite easily.

To use these products the players do not need to know Coding because the game allows them the convenience of customizing and creating easily (9).

So why are these products used by players?

Well, the answer is very simple.

The users can generate revenue by using these products!

Wonder how?

Following are the ways to generate revenue using Sandbox Video game (10):

· The players use vex edit to create and then they register these creations by uploading them to the marketplace. These creations become ASSETS, the players can use these ASSETS to sell them in the marketplace and earn profit.

· Another way to earn revenue is by creating your own game in the metaverse. The Sandbox allows the players to customize, create and monetize the games.

· The players can also earn profit by playing other users' games and receiving rewards.

The Variety of Tokens…

In the Sandbox metaverse, there are six types of tokens (11) available, out of these six tokens, four are user-specific and the remaining two are for constructing assets.

User-specific Tokens:

  1. SAND: SAND is used in the Sandbox metaverse as a utility token that is used for all transactions and interactions.  It is basically used for staking, foundation, accessing, and governance. SAND is the native currency of the Sandbox metaverse.
  2. ASSETS: This token basically represents the virtual assets, they are the user's creation that can be traded in the Sandbox marketplace.
  3. LAND: The LAND token depicts the virtual real estate investment in the Sandbox metaverse.
  4. GAME: GAME Token and LAND token are the basic requirements for the users to remain active in the Sandbox metaverse. This token is created by integrating assets and game programming.

Constructing Assets Tokens:

  1. GEMS: This token is used to maximize the attribute value of user assets in the Sandbox metaverse.  One GEM can provide 25 attribute points to the assets; therefore, they are generally used as the burn-out-usage token.
  2. CATALYST: CATALYST similar to GEMS is also utilized as a burn-out usage token. They are used to define the user’s ASSETS tier. They are also used to show the scarcity in the Sandbox ecosystem.

Why is SAND important?

SAND as we know can be considered the native currency of the Sandbox ecosystem, it has multiple purposes. It can be used to trade assets in the marketplace. Users also use it for trades concerning LAND. SAND is an absolute necessity if the users intend to buy or sell LAND, therefore SAND tokens are must-haves for the user's metaverse wallet.

Following are the uses of SAND (12) :

  1. If you want to access the platform SANDs are a must. You can use them to play games, and purchase LANDs and ASSETs. SAND is the driving force behind the transactions and interactions in the Sandbox ecosystem.
  2. They are used by users to stake, by staking you can get more SANDS, and you also get passive income on your LAND.
  3. SANDs can be used to get GEMS and CATALYST which are very important for the creation of ASSETS.
  4. You can use this token to vote on how the platform’s governance, you can now give your own input on the future changes to the Sandbox ecosystem.

SAND tokens are utilized (13) in the Sandbox system for many uses and therefore it is also very important.

Usages of LANDs

In the Sandbox ecosystem, LAND is a parcel of virtual terrain, with a huge map, with about 166,464 plots in the metaverse.

  1. These plots are represented by Ethereum NFTs, which you can easily purchase and sell on the Marketplace (14).
  2. LANDS can be different sizes, some could be real estate, as the users could buy different pieces and then later integrate them to create an estate or even a district.
  3. You can build anything according to your preferences in your piece of LAND, it could be games, meeting space, etc. you can monetize your creation and get revenue.
  4. You can hold events and contests at your land.
  5. You can also rent these pieces of LANDS to other builders and ensure a passive income.

About the game

The Sandbox launched its very first game in 2012 which was then a mobile game. They have come a long way because on November 29th, 2021 the Sandbox has finally launched its Sandbox Alpha game.

The game allows the players to gain monetary rewards while playing games (15)!

The game has been planned as a play-to-earn model, the players are attracted to play because of its many features and also for the opportunity to make some monetary game while simultaneously playing a game. The in itself is open-ended, and therefore it gives scope to multiple possibilities

The game is designed to accommodate multiple players, who get to create, own and even gain monetary rewards. Game maker allows the players to create assets and the marketplace would then register them under the users so that they can sell them.

This game seeks to provide its users with an immersive Metaverse game experience!

One of the major highlights is the ability to create your own universe (16), this could be only accomplished when the users find their own resources, which are elements like Water, Soil, Lava, Sand, Glass, and Lightning.


To play the games there are a few requirements (17) that the users must have, following is the list of those requirements:

  1. You should have a device to play the crypto game on, for example, a PC, Laptops, Smartphones, etc.
  2. You need to have a MetaMask wallet.
  3. To play the game on a PC or Laptop, you need to have a Windows XP operating system, one gigahertz processor, 512 megabytes RAM, available storage space of more than 256 MB, and a broadband internet connection and OpenGL 1.5 or more Graphics.

How to play?

To play games in the Sandbox ecosystem you need to follow the given below steps:

· You have to Sign up for the Sandbox Metaverse.

  1. To sign up you will need a MetaMask wallet.
  2. After signing in you may receive a message to enter a sign in the wallet, confirm it and then proceed.
  3. You will then receive an email address and username, click on ‘create account’ and the registration process is done.
  4. When you log in select the wallet you have registered.
  5. In the dashboard, you have the option to make your own personal settings in the ‘ME’ tab.
  6. Create your avatar by clicking on ‘Create Avatar’. This will be your future game character.

The next step is to buy SAND. There are many ways one can get SAND token:

  1. You can either buy SAND from trading venues
  2. You can win it by completing tasks
  3. You can create and monetize your own game

Now you can enter the Sandbox Game world and start playing!

After completing these steps (18) you can now play and create games, buy lands, monetize and sell your assets, and much more!

Future of the Sandbox

The Sandbox metaverse is one of the most popular metaverses in the world, right now it collaborating with many major brands including Atari, the walking dead, etc. it has also been praised for collaborating with the World of Women organization with the intention of providing more female inclusivity in the Sandbox Metaverse.

It is a good investment with a lot of potential, something we can agree on. But this does not mean we forget the risks that are attached to the crypto market. They are highly volatile and therefore people should always enter the terrain with a little bit of caution and a lot of awareness.

Despite the risks involved the Sandbox is predicted to be a good investment and therefore it has managed to attract many investors and participants!

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